Get help with file explorer in windows 10

Get help with file explorer in windows 10
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Get help with file explorer in windows 10 which have many new features in the process of windows 10 operation, many features that evolved from the earlier version. File explorer is one of the windows  versions from explorer, new look, new name and change the location of your choice. The user does not fully aware about new feature or choices that are available in the explorer. I hope this paper will help them make finding help with file explorer.

File explorer on the windows 10 has a variety of features that make a batter interface and user friendly, this file already obtain some additional feature of the old windows explorer. The existence of some methods create a rate of start files explorer in windows, the quickest method is windows logo key E. Other methods rate simply type  File Explorer in the search bar asking whether any, this will open a explorer directly.

How to get help with file explorer in windows 10

You need to know how the rich make this start file explorer, the presence of many the create method to do it, but we’re just going to put on the simplest when your screen show desktop with now windows pops up, just pressing the windows E against your keyboard, this will launch the explorer file quickly or you can click the yellow folder icon towards the taskbar.

Customize quick access in file explorer

When you run file the windows will display the access rate has occurred by default, Access rate contains most folder you frequently open or worn so that you never again as soon as possible digging outrageously just anywhere you can change this by adding or replacing the folder to be displayed in the access rate. Create add folder, simply right click the folder and select against ” Pin create quick access ”

OneDrive on file explorer

Onedrive is a free online storage or internet server where you can store your files passing through the file explorer, make sure you have Microsoft create accounts out this service. You can stare at the left side of the panel against explorer, create your store files to OneDrive, simply drag and drop your files from the right side to a folder under onedrive against the left pane.

You can implement common operations like copy, move, delete, and rename as per usual, just the existence of other things, the existence of some methods of keyboard shortcuts that can help you in operating the file explorer and can so will make you look like the people.

Keyboard shortcuts file explorer

  1. Window key E : to open the the new file explorer.
  2. Alt + P : Show / hide pane detail.
  3. Alt + Shift + P : Show / hide the arrow keys the detail pane.
  4. Alt + left arrow key : back in the one folder in the history.
  5. Alt + up arrow key : go up one folder into folder tree.
  6. Ctrl + n : will open a new file explorer windows.
  7. Ctrl + e : to activate the search bar.
  8. Ctrl + mouse wheel up or down : to the increase or decrease the size of icons and thumbnails.

If you still feel the problems and need help in applying the changed file explorer, or when you know what is the matter the file please let use know about it.

File explorer in windows 10 not working solution

For the problems file explorer not working , it will try to help out in the best possible way you can simply do the below steps to fix problem.

Method 1 :

  1. Go to the task manager create open press Ctrl + alt + delete.
  2. Click on the details tab > select Explorer.exe > and click task.
  3. go to the file in the upper left corner of the task manager > click run new task.
  4. Type Explorer.exe > click OK. get help with file explorer in windows 10

Method 2 startup repair

  1. Go to lock screen > press shift and click the icon at the bottom right corner of the screen > restart your computer , you will be asked to click on the Restart Also.
  2. Then select the ” it can make problems ” option first  ” and locate and select the startup repair”

Video How to get help with file explorer in Windows 10

I hope this information is get help with file explorer in windows 10 useful to solve this problem. tell on your problems comments explorer file so that we can help as much as possible don’t forget to like and share this article.