Fix Problems Installing The Windows 10 Mey 2019 Update

Fix Problems Installing The Windows 10 Mey 2019 Update
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How to Fix Problems Installing The Windows 10 Mey 2019 Update – If you are having trouble installing Windows 10 Update, What would you do? So what steps to try if you experience any of the following issues:

  1. When updating to the latest version of Windows, your Windows restarts and goes back to the old version.
  2. Stuck for hours while updating Windows, So have to restart and revert to the old version.
  3. After installing the latest version of Windows, but now Windows Update says it needs to install again.
  4. When you try to update to the latest version, but you can not sign in to Windows or reach the desktop.

How To Fix Problems Update Windows 10 Mey 2019

Why now every update Windows 10 always has problems. Looks like a problem that we often encounter when updating Windows 10 as in the example above. Some of the above examples always fail the most frequently failed to update or renew and also Cortana that does not appear in some countries.

Well, we will provide a solution for you so that your problem about windows update can be resolved to follow our step below.

Method 1: Run The Troubleshooter

  1. Open settings
  2. Click Update & Security Fix Problems Update Windows 10 Mey 2019
  3. Click Troubleshoot > Windows update > Run the Troubleshooter. windows 10 may 2019 update
  4. Wait process then fixes an error.

Method 2: Restart Windows Updates Forcefully

  1. Search Command Prompt then open it.
  2. Run the following commands one by one below.
  3. Net stop wuauserv.
  4. Net stop bits.
  5. Open file explorer, Go to C:\Windows\Software distribution. Delete all file, If your system restricts you from deleting the files. Restart your PC and delete the files.
  6. Perform a restart and run the following commands to start the update service again.
  7. Net start wuauserv.
  8. Net start bits.
  9. Then check for updates from Windows Update and download the updates.
  10. Go to settings > Update & Security > Windows update > Check for updates.

Download Windows 10 ISO 1803 (32-bit / 64-bit) Update Mey 2019

If Windows Update 10 Mey 2019 doesn’t yet show on your Windows update page, you’ll immediately install updates by booting using an ISO extracted to flash or different installation media using Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool.

To download ISO update Mey 10, 2019, First, download Media Creation Tool. If you have not used this app before, consider a tutorial on how to use the Media Creation Tool first (we will soon share tutorials on how to use Media Creation Tool so always check on our website).

You can get Windows 10 update Mey 10, 2019, from Update now.

Note: You also do not need to set up a Windows 10 product or product key if your previous Windows 10 has been officially active or already purchased.


Windows 10 update is often experienced constraints or problems that often occur, I also often experience this Windows Update and after applying the way above Windows 10 is not is not experiencing updates anymore. If you have questions about Windows 10 Update write in the comment field and we will reply soon. Always visit the website so your problem with Windows 10 is resolved. Thank you for visiting our Website.