How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000142 in Windows 10

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There is some concern and the program couldn’t begin normally causing error -0xc0000142, it occurs if you are attempt to access any system/application.

This occurs because of specific documents missing in system website directory which need immediate repair and correcting the data files helps you accessibility the application which otherwise ended in problem computer code 0xc0000142.

Stick to the offered alternatives that help you get the preferred final results.

Reboot Computer.

Just perform the regular reactivate of your program which will quit the current method and all of method documents is going to be closed. Now reactivate the program which will open up the shut files again as well as the software with error program code 0xc0000142 might get fixed after by opening the system files once again.


Reinstall application.

Attempt to reinstall the application which can be resulting in problem computer code 0xc0000142, because there are possibilities that software installed on your computer accidentally lost its particular files as a result of which it really is leading to problem whenever you open it. Now find out if the problem 0xc0000142 is eradicated or otherwise.

Use troubleshooter.

Visit –windows settings–update and security– troubleshoot.

Troubleshoot—windows up-date

Now operate the troubleshooter using the steps smartly and keep a check up on the details given and troubleshooter itself will look for errors and restoration immediately. Sponsored Ads

Make use of this technique to resolve the problems associated with windows update and after that simply restart your pc to utilize changes. Now verify home windows upgrade if it still is offering he error.

Restoration corrupted documents

Open up – Command Prompt

Get into this in fast window– sfc/scannow

The scan method will likely be instantly began from the method wherein the program documents get inspected and in the process determine the corrupted files. If any corrupted submit is found, it will likely be shown and fixed automatically by changing that submit with another with assistance of cache memory space.

You have to reactivate the program to use all adjustments and this should resolve the mistake

Software compatibility

There exists a possibility of application that you are currently using doesn’t support your computer and it also requires modifications in the qualities of application to fix the error. It can be done by utilizing methods offered below

Correct select the have an effect on program

Visit – Attributes

Click the tab- Compatibility

Choose – Compatibility mode according to the device you might be making use of

Simply click – Apply, simply click – OK

In case you run into problems linked to compatibility you are able to follow the steps above and get outcomes that will assist you make use of application once again without error.

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