How to Get Help in Windows 10

How to get help in Windows 10, Get help windows 10 using step by step instructions with pictures.

Get help on Windows 10.

Under 73% of Internet users in the world use the Windows operating system, and each individual needs to learn something about how to deal with new things first, because this practice also makes someone perfect here. The Best Features Available in New Window Updated 10 Through a Simple Manual Update that is free for Windows 7 and 8.1 users for one year.

You can easily access the help features in Windows 10:

1. Click search button or enter questions or keywords directly:

How to get help in windows 10

Here you can easily enter your questions or questions, and Microsoft will show you relevant details and answers. You can easily search for keywords and take relevant questions in the suggestions. Click your question and find the answer.

2. Press F1 function key to get help features:

get help in windows 10

Here you can simply be directed to the page shown above and receive as much information as needed. Microsoft provides a general guide for all users because this is a guide that allows you to learn or update all the newly introduced features. Microsoft provides the best guide to answer your questions and a virtual agent that allows you to see the track if you are stuck or need advice about your request. To do this, you can simply use an interface that supports chat and also utilize call support for your problems.

3. Application tips in the Windows Store:

get help windows 10

This is a preinstalled application that is available when you install Windows 10, because this feature helps you deepen your knowledge of using Windows. For information about activating and using the main features of certain things, see the tips. This is an automatic feature that can be activated and deactivated. It tells you about possible things and deepens your knowledge about how to use Windows 10. Tips are always there to tell you about using these features.

4. Get help in search bar:

how to get help windows 10

Here are some tips and tricks that will guide you to easily use the things that you have specified and easily find other things if you have other problems and get help with these things.

5. Get help in Settings tab:

get help windows 10

If you use settings and experience problems during operations or changes, you can also ask for help and provide feedback because it directs you to the help and suggestions page in the Help window. The search results will be displayed according to your search history and you will be taken through a certain page forwarded, you will first receive the appropriate suggestion.